We keep improving our performance every year. The company’s current sales are in the range of 5000 TONS TO 6000 TONS per month.

To facilitate this turnover our godown is fully equipped to handle a floating stock of more than 1800 to 2000 MT at any point of time with various sizes.

This massive size of the godown gives us an advantage of  execution of big orders in any given point of time. To complement the fast growth and high turnover of the company and to cater the needs of our customers and to meet the demands of the market we have started branches across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Equipped with modern, weather proof warehousing and crane facility to handle a huge stocks and to ensure seamless supply to our customers at any point of time.

The modern ware house facility equipped with cranes is a delight to the customers for meeting large scale orders and delivery across South India.

Unique Storage System

We have designed specialty racks for storing a range of Steel Pipes and Tubes. A bay system has been evolved in our warehouse to avoid mix up of size, thickness and speedy delivery of materials, Each bay has been earmarked for particular variety of steel tubes.Trained personnel use the latest methods to stock and access these products based on a well maintained inventory.  Proper storage and handling ensures that we supply products with zero defects for every order.